What's in it for employers?

Well, where do we begin? Essentially, we’ve reversed the process of traditional employment. Rather than advertising and waiting for candidates to respond, you’re able to search a database of job seekers to find ideal candidates for your role. Snaffle allows you to objectively filter job seekers using criteria such as job title, experience, qualifications, remuneration, availability - you get the jist! Our clever technology generates a list of candidates who match your fundamental criteria, immediately.

Snaffle is amazingly quick and easy; once you’ve found your ideal candidates, you simply purchase as many full profiles as you wish to view. From there, it’s as easy as contacting your top prospects directly for an interview.

This means no more advertising and waiting for candidates to respond, or sifting through a mountain of CV’s. What’s more, because you only contact the candidates that match your criteria, you can avoid the hassle of replying to every CV which lands on your desk.

Alternatively, if Snaffle doesn't have the right candidates in our database you can advertise your postion and use Snaffle's Applicant Filter to rank, screen and filter all of your applicants automatically.