Match Pointers For Employers

Having trouble getting the perfect match? Try these handy pointers to improve the chances of finding the right employee for your job.

Broaden your search criteria

Too many or too few results? Try broadening or refining your search by altering different criteria. Slight changes in job details, experience, qualifications and skills can result in more or less candidates depending on what you’re looking for (and remember, there’s no cost for updating your job search so you can tweak them as often as you like until you’ve found your match). Also, once you’ve found the matches you desire, you can then use the ‘Refine Results’ feature to further define your candidates by which criteria you deem most important.

Have you considered?

  • Availability: How soon must this job be filled? Broadening your availability restrictions by another week or two may just expose that candidate you’re after.
  • Experience: Are you asking too much from job seekers? One job title with more years experience can be more effective than multiple titles with fewer years in each. The perfect candidate will meet each one of your selected relevant experience criteria, while candidates that may meet only one or two criteria will come further down the list.
  • Skills: Are there any skills you haven’t considered that would be helpful for a potential employee to have? Adding key skills will narrow your search if you have an abundance of results. On the flip side, if you’ve specified a lot of skills, your search may be too restricted to match the ideal candidate. Consider the necessary skills you require, against the skills which can be trained on the job, leaving the ‘nice to have’ skills to add later for further refinement.
  • Skills and languages: Are your required ratings correct? If you aren’t getting enough results, try lowering your ratings by one or two points - remember, these are subjective to each candidate and may not necessarily mean you’re getting a lesser result. If you’re getting too many results, perhaps raise your ratings by a couple of points or add some skills that could also be of use.
  • Remuneration: Does your chosen value align with the skills and experience you’re after? Job seekers also specify remuneration, so, if you’re not getting any matches, try adjusting your selection to represent the general industry standard. Remember, remuneration can always be negotiated once you’re interviewing the candidate.

Still no luck? New job seekers are joining Snaffle every day, so check back regularly as our pool of candidates is always growing. While we’re working hard to gain traction in all industries as fast as we can, it may take time for enough suitable candidates to list their profiles in your particular area.