Match Pointers for Job Seekers

Having trouble attracting employers to your profile? Try these handy pointers to improve your chances of being snaffled by an employer - simply tweaking one or two things on your profile can make all the difference.

  • Job Title: How many job titles have you selected? You can select up to three, so think about how you could tactfully improve your chances by either focusing your skills on one industry or catering for several jobs in different industries. Have you thought about aiming for a management role in your selected industry(s)? Your skills, relevant work experience, qualifications and industry qualifications can all work in your favour towards that higher role.
  • Specialisations: Have you chosen the specialisation that you’re most qualified in or trained for? If you are particularly talented in a number of areas, specify your best specialisation field and detail any other areas of expertise under the skills section.
  • Experience: Is the experience you’ve chosen relevant to the job title? Is there anything you’ve missed that could be included? While it’s best to list experience that’s relevant to the job you’re looking for, if your work history is a bit light, it may pay to list experience in other fields too.
  • Skills: Have you listed all of your skills? The more relevant industry terms you refer to, the greater your chances of being matched with the skill requirements of a potential employer.
  • Location: Would you consider travelling further to work or moving for your dream job?
  • Remuneration: This can be a tricky one to get right. If you’re asking for too much, you might miss out on being short-listed for the perfect job for you. Please note, employers cannot see what your salary expectations are, we use this information for matching purposes only. Ensuring that your expectations are on par with the industry standard is crucial for that perfect match!
  • Job Type: What days and hours can you work? Can you be flexible with your hours? Remember, you can opt to look for part-time work as well as full-time if you’re looking to get into the workforce.

Still no luck? More and more employers are using Snaffle to find their ideal employee candidates everyday. While we are working hard to get up and running in all industries as fast as possible, it may take time for Snaffle to gain traction in your industry. Your profile will be working for you 24/7 until you’re snaffled by employers.